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Post Close Survey filled out by Patricia Scovel

1 -: How would you rate the level of service you received from us?
Answer: Excellent

2 -: How would you rate your level of satisfaction with the overall experience in dealing with us?
Answer: Very Satisfied

3 -: Would you mind providing a client testimonial about your overall experience?
Answer: Julie was so wonderful to work with! She was professional, friendly, efficient, and very thorough. She made herself available to us, any time of day or evening, to answer any questions. She made a painful process as smooth and easy as possible!

4 -: Was there anything we could have done to improve the overall experience for you?
Answer: Not a single thing!

5 -: Would you be willing to recommend us to family members or friends?
Answer: Yes

6 -: We have been fortunate to meet reputable people in other businesses. Do you need a recommendation for a particular service or industry?
Answer: No

7 -: May we use your feedback from this survey as a client testimonial on marketing pieces?
Answer: Yes





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