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Resources For Our Agents and Borrowers

How We Grow Our Realtors’ Business

To recap, our business model is to grow our referral partners’ business and to make their lives easier. This page is to show you some specific tools we offer to our referral partners, and what you will receive when we partner with you.

AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE: this is the name of the game – to work smarter, not harder. Our number one tool we offer our referral partners will free you up to close more transactions, increase your income, increase your referral business, and on and on. It is quite robust, but simple at the same time — nearly everything is automatic once you enter a listing into your MLS. And when you need help, we will assist you at every turn. What is it? Listing Booster.

Listing Booster and You!

To recap, Listing Booster’s Features:

  • Creates a dedicated property website for you which leads to a squeeze page to capture lead information that goes straight to you in real time
  • Works around Trulia/Zillow by automatically generating both branded and unbranded Virtual Tours – and which also lead to a squeeze page for lead capture in real time
  • It’s Integrated with All Social Media Channels: we can help you set up those accounts if you don’t have them.
  • It also auto-generates a video and publishes it on YouTube which is owned by Google, so videos always show up high in their search results
  • Facebook Fan page integration. You can take the YouTube embed code and blast your video out to your Facebook Fans, or via email, or in your eBlast software, etc.
  • Integrated with LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter – all are integrated with Listing Booster’s automation
  • A unique Craigslist strategy which auto generates compliant posts that interact with SmartPhone users (again, for lead capture in real time)
  • Mobile Device Home Tours: sign-riders on your properties allow for drive by’s to instantly text and receive all the listing’s information as well as the mobile-optimized Virtual Tour while YOU receive instant notification that someone is interested in your listing – so you can jump on that lead right away.
  • This Listing Booster is all yours when we partner with you (RESPA makes us charge you a small fee of $12, unfortunately, but otherwise, it’s on our dime 🙂


Next Up: “Top of Mind” – Our Incredible Co-Branded CRM

Keeping in touch with your clients throughout the loan and afterward is SO important for you as a Realtor. That’s why we use Top of Mind for all our Co-Branded CRM. What is Co-Branding? That means that every email or letter or notification or video that we send to your client gets your contact information and picture (optional) on it. We always tout you at every chance we get.

For example, during every milestone in the loan process, a custom video goes out to your buyer – it has your contact information, our contact information, and it gives an incredible personal touch that will stay with your buyers for years. We constantly receive appreciation from our borrowers for these informative videos because it fills them in on the process, let’s them know what to expect ahead, and it even generates excitement. People love video – it’s a proven fact. Here is a sample of one of our “In Process” Videos that go out (keep in mind, this is not a real one with pictures and all since we can’t show you one of those… but wait till the end. You will see where yours and our information will be):

Don’t think the communication stops there. We keep constant contact with highly personalized videos & emails for 5 YEARS after the purchase is completed. Birthday messages, holiday wishes, educational videos, and more. Here’s a sample of one of those Continuing Campaign videos (again, keep in mind, since it’s a sample, it won’t have agent co-branding at the end. But the real one will):

Our cutting edge marketing approach to internet, email and conventional marketing is designed to easily help us build long-term relationships. Our “Post Close Follow up Program” keeps MTP Mortgage and our Real Estate Agents top of mind with our clients long after the transaction has closed and funded. The direct result: dramatic increases in repeat and referral business. And best of all, each time a piece of mail is sent to our mutual client that is co-branded, we send an email notification to you, letting you know what was mailed that mentioned your name.


Next Highlight: Weekly Education & Marketing Tips Specifically For Our Agents

We provide weekly training on new incredible strategies and tools that WORK. You have an awesome opportunity to learn strategies that will help you take your business to the next level! Join in on our strategy classes that are conducted weekly.

We share the latest tips and techniques, interview top agents around the country, and have them share what is working for them – which could dramatically impact your business too! And since we know you all have busy lives, the beauty of the weekly training is that you can either catch a replay of it, or access the PowerPoint presentation at your convenience. The following is a short sample of one of the educational weekly trainings:


On the Go: The MTP Mortgage Mobile App

Did you know over 50% of all searches happen on mobile phones these days? It’s important for us all, especially Realtors, to stay with the times.

What the MTP Mortgage Mobile App will show you is Messages from all borrowers, processors, and loan officers in one portal. A Calendar that tracks all important dates for all borrowers. Documents you can view on your phone. All Contacts for the loan are fully clickable so you can get in touch with people easily. You will be able to view all of the client’s loan information. You can send messages from App to App for all parties involved in the transaction, and you will receive “Push” Notifications that show you the when milestones have taken place (such as “Appraisal Ordered”), and finally, a Status Bar at the bottom shows you how far along the process is until you hear those magical words “Clear to Close.” Ask your loan officer how to get the MTP Mortgage Mobile App today!


Online Exposure: Single Property Websites

MTP Mortgage understands how critical it has become for your listings to be found online. That is why we created our cutting-edge “Single Property Website” solution.

For each featured listing, MTP Mortgage builds a dedicated website, optimizes it for major search engines and drives incremental traffic via enhanced signage and offline marketing. The result is an effective, organic and turn-key approach to marketing your properties online.


Cutting Edge Flyers for Open Houses, Listings, and More

You are a top-notch Realtor and you deserve the best. We offer both custom high-end flyers (by special-order) or high quality RE flyers with all your custom information.

When you need flyers for your events, or to canvas an area, to display at an Open House or other function, call us. We elevate your printed marketing pieces so you are Recognized, Remembered, and Receive the ROI.


And Finally: Good Old Fashioned Communication

Our Communication is constant. Every week, we update all the Agents, Borrowers, and (when applicable) Title to keep everyone informed.

Even if there is no “new” news, we do the courtesy of at least touching base with you to let you know where we’re at in the process. It’s not just the videos or the MTP Mortgage Mobile App that keep you informed — we like good, old fashioned human touch. Whether you prefer a call, an email, or a text, we try to gear our communication style to yours. If there’s a hurdle in the transaction, we let you know (not to alarm you — to inform you so that you know our strategy to clear the hurdle).

When you send us a lead, we also follow up with them too and let you know if/when we receive an application or a call back from them. We keep you in the loop. Whether it’s a new application, a loan submitted to underwriting, appraisal received, what value the appraisal came in at, a Title Report received, Conditional Loan Approval, or when the Closing is scheduled, we will be in touch with you and your clients. Here at MTP Mortgage Julie Post Team, we’ve got your back!

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MTP Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

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