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They Displayed Urgency, Efficiency, and were Proactive…

My wife and I recently purchased a breathtaking home with the help of the Julie Post Team at MTP Mortgage! Because of the promptness they showed, we were able to get an offer in on the home and in contract before another family also interested in the home could make an offer. They made my wife and I a priority and were always available, no matter what time of day it was. They displayed urgency, efficiency and were proactive throughout the purchasing process by providing the best loan options, the pre-qualification, covering the application, ordering the appraisal, obtaining underwriting approval and being present to support us through closing. This was my third home purchase over the past 12 years, and by far, was the most enjoyable purchase because of how smooth the process went. As the buyers, we felt well informed, prepared and on closing day had very little questions that they had not already covered or answered. Julie Post and her team at MTP Mortgage were a joy to work with and most definitely earned my future business!


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