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Post Close Survey filled out by Katherine Haucke

1 -: How would you rate the level of service you received from us?
Answer: Excellent

2 -: How would you rate your level of satisfaction with the overall experience in dealing with us?
Answer: Very Satisfied

3 -: Would you mind providing a client testimonial about your overall experience?
Answer: Julie was great to work with, always kept us informed as to what was going on throughout the process. She works hard for her customers and the level of detail & knowledge she brings to the process made my wife and I feel comfortable that we were in good hands.

4 -: Was there anything we could have done to improve the overall experience for you?

5 -: Would you be willing to recommend us to family members or friends?
Answer: Yes

6 -: We have been fortunate to meet reputable people in other businesses. Do you need a recommendation for a particular service or industry?
Answer: No

7 -: May we use your feedback from this survey as a client testimonial on marketing pieces?
Answer: Yes


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