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Happy Clients Talk About Us!

Helped Us With The Refinance

~ Peter and Hilde

Julie and MTP Mortgage helped us with the refinance of our house, allowing us to lower our monthly payments by $358 per month on the mortgage alone. Then through the structure of the refinance, we could then also use the previous escrow balance to pay off another expensive loan, saving us even more money and further reducing the monthly cash flow. She has been very service minded, even telling us we shouldn’t do this or that in the process and really helped in getting through the paperwork as expedient and as easy as possible. We already have recommended her to several friends and we will definitely go back to her for future business as well.

Impressed With Their Knowledge and Service

~ Kent D. Vaughn

I was very impressed with their knowledge and service, and have shared my experience with several people that I know and work with.

They Give You Different Options, Depending On Your Needs

~ Myrna & Carsten

We are now finally in our new house and thanks to Julie everything went really smoothly. She was always willing to answer any questions we might have. She was really helpful, supportive and, in addition to all of her qualifications and of being so good at what she does, she is also very nice to be around.

Financing is a topic that we can’t all talk about or even understand, but the staff at MTP Mortgage is really good at it and, especially, they are really good at giving you different options, depending on your needs and they are also keen to help and to explain anything you might have not understood. Julie certainly made every step of the process nice and simple. We recommend their services 150%.

Thank you very much Julie Post at MTP Mortgage for all your help.

Professional, Diligent, Accessible, and Prompt

~ Faisal A. Khan

I recently purchased a home in DFW, and worked with Julie for my mortgage needs. I found her to be extremely professional, diligent, accessible, and prompt. Her expertise certainly fostered the process in more ways than not; and most importantly, her hard work and winning attitude is second to none. All in all, Julie Post and her MTP Mortgage branch is exceptional professional that not only knows their end of the business but also ensure that the overall transaction is optimal. Please give the Julie Post Team the recognition and praise for their outstanding work.

Always Responsive to Answering Our Questions

~ Bob Motion

Julie Post was fantastic to work with in obtaining financing for our mortgage. She kept us informed about every step in the progress and was always responsive to answering our questions. Financing was secured and in order well in advance of closing. She has stayed in contact to make sure that we are all set-up for our first payment as well. She was a joy to work with the entire way and went “above and beyond” expectations. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat. Thanks, Julie!!!!

Everything Was So Smooth

~ Sachiko and Tatsuyuki

Thanks to all your help, we were able to close the deal today without any trouble. Everything was so smooth! You have a great team. We are so excited to be home owners and can’t wait to move in! We’ve talked with Utility Concierge and ready to turn on electricity, security, water, cable and internet. This is a great service! We thought we had to go through each one ourselves, but they were a big help.

Thanks again!

Extremely Knowledgeable and Considerate

~ Gina Errera-Welsh

“Carine was extremely knowledgeable, considerate and caring during this transaction. Thanks so much for everything!”

Things Moved Along Very Quickly and Effortlessly

~ James and Cathy Trout

From the application being submitted to the approval, things moved along very quickly and effortlessly. The mortgage application and approval process went very smoothly for us. I especially appreciated the extensive use of electronic signatures to speed the process along since I travel for business and delays for signatures was minimized.

Your Team Made Our VA Loan Happen… And In 30 Days to Boot!

~ Candyce

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I cannot thank you enough for working miracle after miracle to help Josh and I get into our first home. I am continually impressed by your ability to find ways to work around the many challenges that come with a couple that was not planning on buying a home in such a short time frame and having a VA loan to boot. Dealing with a VA loan is a difficult task in a seller’s market and you and your team made it happen… and in 30 days!

Thank you for meeting with us after hours and on weekends, I know you sacrificed time with your family to do that so that our family can get a home and that means a lot. Taking time off before the baby gets here is hard to do and you have eased that burden significantly. I know we would not have gotten the house if you had not jumped through all the governmental hoops with us and fought tooth and nail with them to accept our paperwork. That will never be forgotten!!!  I am sending all my friends your way when they are ready to start thinking about the buying process.  Oh and the workshop was great, I hope that y’all keep those up. I learned a lot and know that all the people in there with me did as well. Again, thank you so very much for all your hard work!!!

Very Attentive

~ Anonymous

Julie was very attentive to our needs and kept us very informed throughout the entire process. I would recommend them to everyone.